Saturday, March 26, 2011

A deed has been done...

Today my father and I took a test drive near a local coffee shop in Sudbury, MA. Karma Cafe was its title and although the sweet breads and biscuits were delicious it was not our intention to come.. It was a magnificent day together. We drove the Tesla Roadster Sport. In all actuality it surpassed any roller-coaster I have even ridden.
I do remember my first major roller-coaster ride quite vividly. I can not pinpoint the exact first, but do remember the thrills I endured.. Blood rushing to all corners of our body, our heads, feet, hands, and arms all tangling in the course of the roller-coaster's wheels following the route of the tracks below.. We did flips and unannounced turns forcing upon magnitudes of G's absorbed through our bodies. It was extremely thrilling and an experience that many human beings enjoy but there are issues with a roller-coaster ride. Taken from the fact that the hour long waits numb your legs, there are many issues.. The tracks and course become old after only a few rides, the speed is the same, the experience in all generality is the same. that's where the Tesla comes in..
The roadster gives us the freedom to roam the roads we find justified to our needs.. We are in control and not on tracks, which many people would prefer..

Today I say a deed has been done.. I have experienced the roller-coaster capabilities of the Tesla Roadster Sport. I am spoiled at the quiet ride, at the surreal acts of acceleration, the efficiency of electric power train, the absence of exhaust, and the thought that I am doing good for the world (in terms of pollution, environmental standards, along with political instability in the middle east)..

Electric is my choice of transportation and I will be spoiled. The limitations of modern combustion cars are not good enough for me, we should all agree on these terms.. 

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