Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elon Musk.. the one to break the rules..

i watched a movie today that led me to think back to my interests in Tesla Motors. i have followed them for quite some time and i find their achievements as a silicon valley start-up remarkable. above is wise, and intelligent Elon Musk.. the movie i just so happened to watch was 'who killed the electric car'. it was disturbing in the sense of frustration i endured when watching. The USA should not be driving combustion vehicles, there is no need. the negatives are far greater then any positive. which in the case of the vehicles we drive today, is the big oil companies who suck our hard earned cash right out of us. we are dependent on oil, we do not have options and alternatives. The way we live today will not change overnight, our transportation needs will be with us for quite some time. biking is unreasonable for some (nonetheless it is a great option), we need a great electric vehicle. That's were TESLA plays there part. at the moment they only distribute roadsters but in 2012 the model s will arrive.. a bmw 5 series alternative.. i truly feel with the resources and impressive executive team at tesla in palo alto, California can in will push the market to electric vehicles.. i am not old enough to drive but have promised myself that i will NEVER use a gas pump at Shell and others.
i am young my addiction to foreign oil through vehicle transportation has not began and i pledge that it never will!!
btw check out tesla with the link aside..
tell me what you think about America's future for transportation.. i would love to hear sides of the story.. 

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