Sunday, March 27, 2011

Human Will. All so powerful.

'to want more we have less, to want less we have more'

Inspirational pieces such as the movie, Wasteland, really dig deep into what is important to us as humans. It gives us question upon, what makes life enjoyable and satisfying.. In the movie titled above we are brought into a world unimaginable by young kids in the suburbs of the USA.. The people lived in slums and fa vela's on the outskirts of the largest landfill, in terms of volume, in the world. Their lives were dirty and hard. To think about such a life seems so awful but we must take into account human will. The men and women were a family who worked as 'pickers' all with a unique story and background. The majority did not complain about their conditions. They were so grateful for what they had and could not ask for anything else. They were fulfilled in life, which can be all so powerful. They loved one another in a friendly sense, smiles and jokes were passed around on a daily basis. Respect was given to all who worked, even if they were poor and filthy.
To look upon such a world we would seem inclined to help. To be in a place to try to 'cure' their conditions is not right. Do not give greed for you posses it. As a society 'happiness' is what we look for, human nature is what we strive. Human nature that is not polluted with greed and others that make us something, that if we were to look at ourselves out of ones body, become disgusted with.

We must take a step back from our desires from our 'wantings' and let human will carry us through life. Now that is powerful, and watching the characters in the movie achieve this gave me the uttermost respect to them. I was inspired by their individual struggles that they had fought so hard through, the passion that they showed through their work, and gratefulness once they had achieved what they had wanted for so long. They became in a sense satisfyed but at the same time resorted themselves from becoming greedy of what they could do next. They stuck to their morals. Again I have the uttermost respect.

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